Hilton Homewood Suites

Times Square, New York City

Purpose: The Albanese Organization, Owners of the Homewood Suites in NYC decided to improve guestroom air quality and market Allergy-Friendly rooms.

Solution: AtmosAir equipment was installed to provide 24/7 air purification for 35 guestrooms.

Guest Benefits: AtmosAir significantly improved indoor air quality by eliminating odors, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, particulate matter, allergens and irritating VOCs.

Pricing Strategy: Homewood Suite sold the Allergy-Friendly rooms for a $20 premium.

ROI: After the first 3 months the Allergy-Friendly rooms were sold out nearly 80% of the nights. The AtmosAir system was paid for, thanks to the $20 premium in less than 3 months.