Testing & Validation

AtmosAir is the recognized leader in solutions for healthier indoor air, helping the world to see what’s possible with better air.

We’ve spent nearly two decades turning the invisible into something incredible. AtmosAir’s technology is backed by industry peer-reviewed studies, laboratory studies and field testing.

Customers, environmental firms, universities and others have tested bi-polar ionization and found it works.


Intertek ETL Listed to UL 2998 Verified Ozone Free, 1995, 867 and 867A
CE Marking (Europe)
Intertek ETL Listed to CAN/CSA C22.2
OSHPD Preapproval
IEC Standard 60529 (IP66)
EU Standard EN 60335-2-40:2003, 61000-6-3:2001,61000-6-1:2001 and 60204-1:2006
OPA 2807-10 and 2808-10
USEPA US Energy Star Certification
ANSI / AHAM AC-1 2002 3rd party independently tested
Provides a minimum performance of 125 Dust CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and 190 Mold CADR
2020 AHR Expo / ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality Innovation Award Finalist

Industry Associations & Affiliations

US Green Building Council (USGBC)
Healthy Building Alliance (USGBC LA)
Energy Star PartnerAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers – ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure Compliant
IMC 2012 Compliant
RESET Certified IAQ Monitor

Laboratory Testing

Microchem Laboratory, a leading lab for testing EPA- and FDA-approved products, tested AtmosAir’s virucidal efficacy on Human Coronavirus, Strain 229E. The test demonstrated greater than 99.9% efficacy in reducing the presence of the virus under simulated real world conditions to a standardized protocol ASTM E1053, which is recognized by USEPA.

Additionally, Intertek’s Air Cleaner Test Results for AtmosAir showed a 125 CADR rating, far exceeding others in the industry. AtmosAir achieved UL2998 and UL867 Verified Zero Ozone from Intertek.

Syracuse University conducted full-scale chamber tests on AtmosAir and found that the firm’s bi-polar ionizers reduced the concentrations in the chamber air (57.12 m3 in volume) for Hexane by 94.6%, 2-Butanone by 91.1%, Iso-butanol by 97.1%, Toluene by 98%, Tetrachloroethylene by 94.5%, Hexanal by 97.5%, Ethylbenze by 96.3% and Decane by 96.4% over the six-hour pull-down test period.

Field Testing

For more Third-Party Testing: